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There it is again
That feeling
I've felt it before
I think that's what they call it
I yearn for that feeling
And yet-

Does love hurt?
I want you
So much that it hurts
I want you here
Next to me

I am afraid
Is that it?
The feeling of Love?
The Feeling of Love
Sometimes I can't sleep. Too bad it's March and not February.
First time ever wearing a full suit and ya boy's scared

embedded_item1485977461991 by HoboTim

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     I write this to whom ever shall read it in an attempt to find someone capable of fathoming the situation that my feeble mind is incapable of understanding. The severity of the situation is not to be doubted and this message shall be the only testament as to this fact. I still wonder how the events of a single night, no matter how fantastical, could shape the future in to something so horrid. I am writing this transcript of events because I can stand no longer the insidiousness of the thing which has terrorized me for no more than the passing of some fortnights. I write this now fully intending for it to be the last I shall ever take hold of pen and paper, intending for it to be the last thing by which I am remember. Whether I be remembered as a raving madman or some poor soul perturbed by mental instability and haunted by unseen horrors, I do not care. My life will be no more by the end of this god-forsaken night and whether my passing shall come by my own hand or by the hands of that black monstrosity, I can not say. I hear it! Now as I write this! In the walls! The ceiling! Oh god keep that thing at bay so I may finish this warning I must tell to any who will listen! I do not dare cry out for fear it may find me sooner! I have an amount of time whose length is short to complete this before the monster takes me! Of the days prior to that night, which is forever burned with perfect remembrance in to my every waking hour, I can not recall much detail! I had taken to wondering the wood at any time of day I felt the need to do. Among the trees I could find solace no other could bring me. Not woman nor drink gave me peace from the constant pressure of study and endless harassment that came from my parents and yet the forest could free me from it! Like the open arms of a loving grandmother held to that of a school boy, the trees welcomed me! But it was in those very woods that I saw it! Those very woods I thought as a second home! Those very woods by which I walked day and night, sunshine and rain! By those very woods was born a terrible summoning up of a beast from the darkest pit beyond human imagination! From those woods a lone negro man was to be seen covered in what I can only assume was blood, the belonger of which I do not know! I watched that negro perform his dark ritual about a statue the likes of which I have never laid eyes! A black mass of muscle resembling an oversized baboon in body and I dare not begin to describe the face of that beast which I have come to know so well! Oh god how it stares not at you but in to the very soul of the damned whom its eyes shall curse with just but a glance! Around and around the negro man danced, faster and yet still faster! That statue gripped me, held me firm with those infernal eyes! I could not run I could not scream out the horror I felt and recall so vividly!  It was then that the ever intensifying dance of the negro reached a climax! He came to so sudden a halt that I thought his blood splattered neck had snapped from the force of it! It was then that in one motion the man turned upon me with a fierce look and a shriek so unhuman that I was torn from my state of paralysis and thrust further in to a state so horrible upon being discovered! I ran! Oh I ran from that place but still I was cursed! Still it followed me in to the night no matter the speed at which I ran! My flight led me to my home but no sanctuary was to be found! Only hell! Hell and the beast which guards its dark gate, black and disgustingly horrifying! Too long now has it toyed with my sanity, whispering in the night things I do not understand in a tongue unbeknownst to me or any living creature on earth! I saw it! No matter where I found myself it too would be present! No one could see but oh my god it was there! HOW IT STARED AT ME! I hear it again! So close! My time is come! Here it is in all its horror crouched in the corner of my study! God have mercy it comes close no-

       Item No. 27859
               Found at scene of incident, appears unfinished.

       Charles Lefruen found deceased, entire upper body pulverized.
               Cause of death: Suicide

End case file.
The Final Recordings of the Disturbed Charles Lef-
The Final Recordings of the Disturbed Charles Lefruen. (Tfw the title is too long for DA ;-; )

One of the few stories i actually managed to finish and not shelve after losing interest. Wrote this while watching a movie adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's The Oblong Box.

Critique would be lovely and i might upload more if i ever finish them.

Of Course You Are - Starbound Fanart in Progress
Alright try number three on the desc.

Just the line-art for now until i decide what method i would like to use for coloring it. I have some watercolor that will most likely end up being used but i'm afraid of messing this up so i'm going to wait a bit to decide. I'll more than likely end up just having it scanned then printed out so i can have two copies in case i mess something up but for now we wait.

This isn't an original character of mine it's a character from Starbound's story missions. You find her in a floran fight cave and i really liked her for some reason and i wish you could have companions but last i checked on starbound you could not. I didn't copy the picture i used for reference exactly as i find myself often doing when referencing things. This being the picture i used for reference, just zoomed in on it. Reference Picture

Simple feedback such as good or bad will suffice for me as it's just line-art not much to critique anyway. Thanks for your time and go check out starbound if you haven't already.


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